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Federal and New York state laws require that all employers carry workers' compensation insurance to reimburse workers for injuries and illnesses sustained on the job. If you have suffered an injury or illness from your job, you may be eligible to collect benefits through your employer's workers' compensation program. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which an injured worker will have difficulty obtaining the full benefits he or she is due.

It is a good idea to work with an experienced attorney who can ensure that you get all of the benefits you are entitled to. Ever since our firm’s inception more than fifty years ago, Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP has been dedicated to delivering world-class service while pursuing the full compensation that our clients deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your workers’ compensation case.

4 Reasons to Call Our Workers’ Comp Attorneys

  • Contingency fees: You don’t pay a cent unless we win
  • $500+ million recovered in compensation for our clients
  • More than a century of collective injury law experience
  • 24/7/365 availability for our clients

What Types of Work Injuries Qualify for Workers' Comp?

An accident can occur in any type of work setting, whether you work at a corporate office or on an industrial plant. Depending on the type of injury or condition, you may be entitled to receive compensation for a number of damages.

Workers' compensation laws were created in order to set up a straightforward method for injured workers to recover compensation for work-related injuries, while protecting employers from continual personal injury claims or trials. As a worker, unless a third-party contributed to your injuries, workers' comp may be your only means of compensation.

The types of work-related injuries you could be owed compensation for can include:

  • Isolated incidents
  • Long-term injury
  • Stress-related illnesses
  • Disease or illness from exposure
  • Aggravation of a pre-existing condition

What is the Workers’ Compensation Process in New York?

In the state of New York, any worker who is injured on the job or while performing a work-related task only has 30 days in which to provide his or her employer with a written or verbal notification of the accident and injuries sustained. Injured workers will be given two years from the date of their accident to file an official workers' compensation claim requesting benefits.

In cases where a worker is involved in a workplace accident that results in an occupational disability, or a worker dies as a result of such an accident, all workers' compensation benefit claims must be submitted within two years from the date the worker became aware of the disability or from the date of death.

The process of recovering compensation after a work accident involves:

Contact a New York City Workers' Compensation Attorney

Any delay in filing a claim for workers' comp benefits could result in a complete denial of benefits. Even in cases where a worker is receiving benefits from his or her employer's insurance company prior to filing a claim, it is still necessary for that worker to file a claim so as to protect his or her benefits and rights.

If you have been injured while on the job, we strongly recommend you obtain legal counsel from an experienced New York workers' compensation attorney at our firm right away. If your workers' comp claim has been wrongful denied, there is also an appeals process. Whatever your case may be, our New York City workers' compensation attorneys at Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan, LLP are committed to ensuring that you recover every penny you deserve in compensation.

To learn more about the workers’ compensation process and how our NYC firm can protect your rights throughout, call (646) 461-4009 for a free review of your case.

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