There are many undocumented workers in New York that work diligently for their employers and produce the many goods and services that are needed. Unfortunately, many of them cannot get work visas or obtain permanent residency due to financial or legal reasons. They sadly are forced to work here illegally. Nevertheless, they also suffer injuries at times in job site or construction accidents and are entitled to personal injury compensation as any other worker in the U.S. would be. By consulting with a New York City construction accident attorney from Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP, we can help you or a loved one who has been injured and protect their right to compensation. Call the firm today at (646) 461-4009!

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While many workers who are not here legally might be afraid to file a claim, they are still protected by U.S. laws in this regard and can safely retain a personal injury attorney. Our firm has represented many cases for those working here without a work permit. No client of ours has ever been deported or arrested due to being represented by our firm for their personal injury claim. We even offer our clients interpreters and can provide them with someone who will speak to them in a language they can feel comfortable with.

Helping the Victims of Construction Site Accidents

Just because a person is working here without a work permit does not mean they have to be afraid to take care of their injuries sustained from a construction site or that is job-related. Our legal team will put our good efforts to work for those injured in these types of accidents and will seek to recover damages for any medical costs, lost wages in addition to pain and suffering. New York laws strongly support injured workers, regardless of their immigration status.

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