Working in construction does entail some real risk. It includes exposure to dangerous temperatures or chemicals, which can lead to painful and traumatic burn injuries. These are often difficult to anticipate or prevent by the worker. The manufacturer or property owner is, however, responsible for making these kinds of injuries more preventable. The American Burn Association estimates that 500,000 burn injuries are reported every year. With factors like large amounts of boiling or heated water, steam, chemicals and electricity, the worker is in potential danger every day.

Experiencing a burn injury is difficult because there is not only pain but long-lasting effects, such as damaged skin or limb function. It can take an extremely long time for the injury to fully heal, but it does not always result in adequate recovery. If you have experienced a painful burn injury on the worksite due to employer or manufacturer negligence, you could be adequately compensated. Medical bills, therapy, and other expenses can build up and make recovery even more difficult, but these can be returned to you in a compensation package if you win your personal injury case. Let a New York City construction accident attorney help you fight for the restitution you need.

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Painful Water Burns

On the job, there are different types of equipment and machinery that require water to function. The water is often heated to extremely high temperatures. When this hot water spills, leaks, or explodes onto a worker, it can lead to severe results. Burns from hot water or any other highly heated chemical can leave a worker with intense injuries and steep medical and cosmetic bills. The burn from hot water can be minimal, such as painful redness, or severe—including blistering damage to deep layers of skin. It is often the negligence and carelessness of the employer or owner that can lead to these unexpected burns.

Damage from Steam Burns

Workers can also be exposed to steam burns, a commonly known hazard and danger on many construction sites. While workers prepare themselves for these dangers, safety precautions could be put in place to benefit them. Steam is considered vaporized water and must be at least 100 degrees Celsius. With such an extremely hot vapor, eyes and skin are susceptible to damaging burns without a moment's notice. Superheated steam can even reach temperatures much higher than 100 degrees Celsius, causing even more severe physical damage.

Charring Third Degree Burns

Many worksites have machinery or equipment that reach extreme temperatures or generate high amounts of heat. Burn injuries range in severity, but 3rd degree burns are the most damaging and dangerous. These burns affect the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis of the victim. This can cause permanent damage to nerves and other functions of the skin. Third degree burns could leave a victim with all of the following effects:

  • Charred skin
  • Permanent scars
  • Emotional trauma

The process of healing is slow and difficult, with no easy form of rehab available. These types of injuries are dangerous for a worker to deal with and could leave them and their family hurting.

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Whether or not you receive worker's compensation, you may be eligible for a more significant amount of compensation. Any type of electric, vapor, water, or chemical burn on the worksite could lead to dangerous injuries and long recovery for the worker. When owners or manufactures are negligent, they are liable and must be held responsible for their careless actions.

If you are suffering from any type of burn from the worksite, contact a New York City construction accident lawyer at Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP to find out how you may receive compensation. For online help, fill out a complimentary online consultation form today.