The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked with created safety guidelines across a wide variety of job fields in the country, especially for those that can put employees in uncommonly dangerous environments, such as construction. In addition to making the regulations and protocols,

OSHA is in charge of regular inspections and fining employers or companies that do not meet their standards. While the penalties OSHA puts upon negligent managers and businesses is certainly damaging to their finances and reputation, it does nothing for the employee that has been hurt in a workplace related accident that should have been prevented.

Working with an Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered a serious injury or debilitation while performing your regular work-related duties, contact our New York City construction accident attorneys from Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP today. If we can uncover that an OSHA violation played a part in your construction accident or similar incident, we can use that to your advantage when pursuing maximum compensation for your injuries. Call 646.461.4009 to begin.

Top 10 Most Common OSHA Violations

The United States Department of Labor has recently released a list of the top 10 OSHA violations that inspectors found during their inspections of worksites between October 2014 and September 2015. While this list may change in future years, it is worth noting that it is strikingly similar to data collected in the past, suggesting that these violations are common mainly due to management and supervisors not doing enough to prevent them.

If you have been hurt at work, one of these OSHA violations could be to blame:

  1. Lack of fall protection (especially at construction sites)
  2. Poorly maintained hazardous communication binder
  3. Faulty scaffolding (construction sites)
  4. Inadequate respiratory protection from chemicals or particulates
  5. No or unused lockout/tagout procedures
  6. Mishandling powered industrial trucks
  7. General lack of ladder safety (construction sites in particular)
  8. Unsafe electrical wiring
  9. Missing or damaged machine guards
  10. General misuse or misunderstanding of safe electrical protocols

Putting Up a Fight So You Don’t Have To

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