Construction can be a dangerous industry to work in and almost every worker understands the risks that they take by engaging in day to day operations of a jobsite. Forklifts and other operating equipment can all greatly assist in the overall construction of a site, but they can also pose serious concerns for operators and bystanders.

Each year, over 34,000 individuals are seriously injured in a forklift-related accident and at least 85 of those accidents result in death. OSHA estimates that forklifts are some of the most dangerous pieces of machinery to operate, considering their platforms and weights, and are prone to tip overs and falls.

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Forklifts require the skill of a highly trained individual who must receive training and a license in order to operate the machinery. The state of New York requires that each forklift operator maintain a license in order to operate a forklift. It is estimated that the majority of forklift accidents occur because of poor training and safety regulations on jobsites. Forklifts are designed to lift heavy loads and be able to maneuver with the loads overhead which can cause serious blind spots with the driver. Crush and falling accidents can easily occur and numerous forklifts have been known to flip over because of improper handling techniques.

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Examining the Causes of Forklift Accidents in the U.S.

If you are required to utilize a forklift on a construction site, you are likely aware of the dangers that this particular type of machinery can pose. As mentioned earlier, forklift accidents contribute to thousands of injuries each and every year in the U.S.—but what exactly makes them so dangerous?

According to statistics, forklift accidents are most commonly caused under the following circumstances:

  • Forklifts tipping over from exceeding the designated weight limit (26%)
  • Employees or pedestrians being hit by forklifts (18%)
  • Loads falling off of the forklift (14%)
  • Forklifts being used to elevate workers (14%)
  • Forklifts being driven off of loading docks (7%)
  • Improper maintenance of forklifts (7%)
  • Improper workplace design for forklift use (7%)
  • Employee losing control of the forklift (3%)
  • Improper use of forklift by the operator (3%)

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Building a Case for Compensation After an Injury

After an accident, you are protected by New York labor laws and you have the right to receive benefits from your employer or from the negligent forklift operator. If you were operating the vehicle at the time of the accident, you may also be eligible to receive both workers' compensation and compensation from your employer.

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