Why You Should Avoid Going Back to Work Early after Injury

Injuries on the job can be serious enough to miss time from work to make a full recovery. Aside from the pain and limited mobility, taking time off initially seems nice, considering all the hard work you performed day in and day out at your workplace. But as time passes, you start thinking more and more about returning to work.

While that’s the ultimate goal, you need approval from your doctor before doing so. Going back to work before you’re supposed to can result in several consequences.

Common reasons why you shouldn’t return to your job early after a work injury include:

  • You could re-injure yourself – The reason why you missed time in the first place is to properly heal, according to the recommendations of your doctor. Even if you begin to feel like your old self again, that doesn’t mean you have completely recovered. If you return to work too early and re-injure yourself, the recovery process could be even longer.
  • You have rights which protect you from your employer – Sometimes, employers ask their injured employees to return to work earlier than expected. Remember, your employer is not allowed to make such a request or threaten termination as a punishment for not doing so. If your employer has made threats or even fired you, you should contact a lawyer to discuss your situation. Furthermore, if you are worried that another employee is going to take your job while you recover, that doesn’t mean you should go back to work to save your position. In fact, your job is secure according to law.
  • You could lose your workers’ compensation benefits – Insurance adjusters only look out for their employer’s best interests—not yours. They will do whatever it takes to deny your claim in order to protect the insurance company’s bottom line. If you return to work early, your employer’s insurance company might claim your injuries weren’t as serious as you originally declared or that you weren’t injured at all.

To protect your job, your workers’ compensation benefits, and your health, you should not do anything you might regret later such as returning to work early.

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