5 Spring Driving Dangers

With spring just around the corner, many people are relieved that winter driving is coming to an end. Although you may think the roads are finally safe once more, there are several driving hazards to be mindful of throughout the season.

The following are common driving dangers to keep an eye out for this spring:

  1. Spring showers – Rain makes the roadways slippery since the rainwater mixes with contaminants on the road, thus reducing your car’s maneuverability and increasing the distance required to stop. Additionally, spring showers may result in flooding. Whenever you driver in the rain, make sure you drive slower than usual and keep your headlights on.
  2. Potholes – The extreme freezing weather of winter can take a toll on road conditions, causing large potholes. When the rain arrives, it can be difficult to detect them. Driving over a pothole, especially at high speeds, can result in punctured tires, bent rims, damage to the suspension, misalignment, and even damage to the exhaust system. Never swerve to avoid a pothole. Instead, gently brake prior to driving over one, if possible.
  3. Animals – Whether they’re waking up after hibernating throughout the winter or they’re in the middle of mating season, animal activity increases when the weather gets warmer in the spring. This could result in an increase of animals crossing streets and roaming through neighborhoods. If you live in an area that experiences frequent deer crossings, remember they are most active at dawn and dusk.
  4. Pedestrians – As temperatures rise, more people will enjoy the outdoors. However, with an increase in pedestrians and cyclists on the road, drivers must slow down when driving through neighborhoods and pay additional attention to intersections and crosswalks.
  5. Motorcyclists – Since motorcyclists are smaller and faster compared to passenger vehicles, failure to check your blind spots can lead to a collision with one of them. Since motorcycles also lack the amount of protection from other vehicles, a crash can result in catastrophic and fatal injuries. Always watch out for motorcyclists and be courteous.

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