6 Places Where Slip & Fall Accidents Commonly Happen

Slip and fall accidents are a common cause of personal injuries. These injuries can occur in a number of places, including privately owned businesses, family homes, and apartment complexes. When it comes to slip and fall accidents, the location of the incident will determine which party is liable and what kind of damages can be claimed. In this blog, we talk about common places where slip and fall accidents occur.

Grocery Stores

Supermarkets are a common location for slip and fall accidents. Assigning responsibility can be a complex task in these accidents because you will have to deal with the store’s insurance company or attorneys. Grocery stores often require an official notice of the accident, such as an incident report or calling into a store hotline to file your report. Due to the complexity of slip and fall injury claims, you should consult with an experienced attorney about how to pursue a lawsuit against a supermarket.


Hotels and resorts often see guests suffer injuries in slip and fall accidents. Similar to filing a claim against a grocery store, there might be unique notification requirements for informing the hotel of the slip and fall accident. A lawyer can walk you through the filing procedure and make sure that the proper parties are notified of you injury and claim for damages.

Private Homes

Slip and fall accidents that happen in private homes can sometimes lead to contentious lawsuits, especially when the parties involved are friends. Damage awards for injuries that take place in private homes usually come from insurance companies, which means you need to be ready to talk to an insurance adjuster before taking legal action.


When it comes to slip and fall accidents inside an apartment complex, both the landlord and tenant can be held liable for damages. The circumstances of the accident will determine who is responsible for the hazardous conditions that caused the slip and fall.

Public Areas

Streets, sidewalks, and public parks are common locations for slip and fall accidents. Sometimes these accidents are caused because the government entity responsible for maintaining a safe environment failed in its duty. Lawsuits against public entities have unique procedural challenges that are best handled by a skilled lawyer.


Accidents that happen at work are usually covered by workers’ compensation, this includes slip and fall accidents. However, an employer might try to deny an injured worker the benefits that they are entitled to. If this happens, you should hire a legal advocate to defend your rights.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you should speak to our New York City personal injury lawyers to schedule a free case consultation today. We are prepared to secure the compensation you deserve.