Don't Post About Your Injury on Social Media

Social media is such an intrinsic part of our lives, which is why many people find it difficult to keep their personal information offline. While this may lack consequences in other areas of your life, it is a big mistake to partake in social media when you have been injured and are seeking compensation from the guilty party. There are a number of reasons as to why you should stay off social media during this process, but the most important is protecting your privacy. Even if you feel your accounts are private and viewable by only the most trustworthy people, nothing on the Internet is safe. The opposition will find ways to seek access of your account, either discreetly or even by requesting a court order to do so.

Even if you feel you are doing nothing wrong by notifying people in your life about your injury, this is a serious mistake. Significant harm can come to your personal injury claim if you even post one comment stating, “I’m fine” or even post pictures appearing to partake in enjoyable activities. The insurance company fighting against paying you what you deserve may argue this shows your injuries are not as bad as you claim. Sharing any life experiences on social media, such as attending a concert or going on vacation, are commonplace for those not involved in a legal concern. However, partaking in this seemingly innocent behavior can severely impact your ability to obtain a settlement you are otherwise entitled to.

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