10 Tips to Help You Avoid Car Accidents

Many people have a car that they use to get to work, go shopping, or visit their friends and family. While driving around town is a convenient way to travel, cars can still be dangerous, which is why it is important to be cautious of any hazards that might potentially cause an accident. Each year, thousands of people are killed in car accidents and thousands more suffer devastating injuries. Below, we give you 10 tips that can help you avoid getting into a serious car accident.

#1: Never Drink & Drive

Although we all know that drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal, many drivers dismiss this fact and choose to operate their vehicles under the influence of alcohol. Crash damages caused by drunk drivers cost close to $37 billion a year

#2: Don’t Look at Your Phone

It can be tempting to check on your messages each time your ringtone goes off while driving. However, whether you are texting a friend or using an app, looking at your phone instead of focusing on the road can result in a devastating car accident.

#3: Be Watchful

The majority of people believe that they are excellent drivers. But it doesn’t matter how well you drive, other drivers on the road can still be reckless and negligent. Always be wary and attentive whenever you are behind the wheel of a car. Watch the patterns of the road and other drivers closely to help avoid potential accidents.

#4: Check Your Blind Spots Before Switching Lanes

It’s easy to collide into a car you can’t see. Because cars can suddenly turn out of a side street and pull up alongside you without ever being seen, you should always check your blind spots before making a lane change. Doing so can help you avoid side-swiping accidents.

#5: Stay Out of Other Drivers’ Blind Spots

Just because you are carefully checking your blind spots, it doesn’t mean that other drivers will be doing the same thing. Try not to drive alongside another car for too long and either pull ahead of them or fall behind to make yourself more visible.

#6: Look Before Pulling Into an Intersection

Even if the signal light is green, you should look both ways to make sure that the intersection is clear before you proceed. Distracted or drunk drivers trying to rush through a yellow light can fly through the interstation at high speeds and collide with you.

#7: Use Your Turn Signals

It’s impossible to tell what a nearby driver is thinking or planning on doing. Using your blinkers is the best way to communicate with other drivers around you and to let them know which direction you will be driving towards.

#8: Follow the Rules of the Road

Many car accidents occur because some driver’s simply don’t follow the law. From driving at excessive speeds to disobeying a No U-Turn sign, not following the rules of the road can contribute to a deadly accident.

#9: Don’t Tailgate Other Drivers

Closely following behind a car can increase your chances of being in an accident if the vehicle in front of you has to make a sudden stop. It takes a few seconds for a car to stop once your foot is on the break, and the faster you are traveling, the more time it takes, which can spell disaster if you are following another vehicle too closely.

#10: Be Cautious Turning On Steep Roads

If you are traveling on a steep road, you should go slower than the recommended speed limit. Roads that have sudden, quick changes increase the likelihood of roll-over crashes.

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