Uber Accidents Explained

Every time an Uber driver gets behind the wheel of their car, they risk not just their own safety, but the source of their livelihood as well. The bills from an Uber accident can be expensive, and when they start to pile up, these bills can financially ruin an Uber driver just as badly as any injury would. Furthermore, Uber drivers often face unforeseen difficulties after an accident because they tend to be unaware of what steps they need to take to ensure they are adequately compensated. In this blog, we explain what you need to know about Uber accidents.

Uber Driver Accident Insurance

In addition to their normal insurance policies, Uber drivers are also required to be covered under the company’s insurance policy as well. The rideshare insurance system is notoriously difficult to navigate because it is different than your average car accident claim. Many Uber drivers assume that the company will protect them if they are involved in an accident. This is not always true, the level of protection that the company is liable for will depend on the circumstances of your accident.

Uber is known to be unreliable when it comes to compensating their drivers for accidents. Just like other for profit companies, Uber wants to avoid paying any unnecessary expenses. Uber drivers should expect their employer to fight their claim just as hard as an insurance company would, especially if someone was injured in the accident.

Uber takes no responsibility for accidents that happen on a driver’s own private time, and in some situations they are not liable for accidents when the driver’s app is on. Because Uber drivers are independent contractors, Uber has substantial leeway when it comes to their liability for accidents. This often benefits Uber in accident situations. One of these benefits is that drivers are only “on the clock” once a passenger has requested a ride. During the request period, Uber is not liable for accidents. Drivers would instead have to rely on their own insurance policy for this situation.

When the driver is in route, to pick up the passenger, they are typically covered. However, proving that the driver had a passenger at the time of the accident can be tricky. Sometimes passengers cancel a ride as a driver is picking them, while other times, passengers leave the scene of the accident. It can get complicated when a passenger or driver is injured in these situations.

Whenever you’re in an accident that results in injuries to you or another person, you should immediately consult with an attorney to discuss what forms of compensation are available for you. An attorney can work on your behalf to negotiate with Uber and the other party’s insurance company to get you reimbursed for your damages.

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