Wintertime Injury Hazards To Be Aware Of

As the days and nights become significantly colder in New York, you may anticipate your favorite holidays, winter sports, and the lovely snowfall. However, the winter season is also associated with a higher rate of accidents and injuries related to the colder weather.

The following are the most common sources of accidents and injuries during the winter:

  • Car accidents – Snow, ice, and decreased visibility can make driving more difficult and hazardous during the winter months. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 23% of all motor vehicle collisions 17% of fatal motor vehicle accidents are weather-related or caused by snow, ice, sleet, slush, rain or fog.
  • Slips and fallsIce, slush, and wet surfaces can result in slips and falls both indoors and outdoors. Whenever you are outdoors, wear footwear with good traction and always pay attention to where you walk. Whenever you are indoors, avoid puddles.
  • Falling objects – Whether it’s an icicles or holiday decorations, falling objects can result in serious head injuries. Always be aware of your surroundings whenever you are outside.
  • Winter sports accidents – Skiing, sledding, and snowboarding are several sports which people participate in during the colder months. Unfortunately, these sorts can cause broken bones, muscle strain, and other injuries. If you choose to participate in winter sports, always wear protective gear and pay attention to your body before pushing yourself beyond your limits.
  • Snow removal – In order to maintain their property, many homeowners shovel snow themselves. However, the wrong tools or improper form can result in muscle strain when shoveling. Give yourself an ample amount of time you remove snow and take plenty of breaks in between. Wear nonslip footwear and use a shovel intended for snow.
  • Frostbite and hypothermia – Both are the consequences of exposure to the cold weather, with long-lasting effects. If you ever experience signs of frostbite or hypothermia, move to a warm area immediately to prevent further heat loss. Remove all wet clothing and apply a dry, sterile bandage to the affected area. Lastly, seek immediate medical care.

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