What Should You Ask Your Doctor After a Car Accident?

After being involved in a car accident, it is imperative to visit your doctor, even if you only suffered minor injuries. In many cases, symptoms of specific injuries are not immediately apparent and may worsen over time, which is why a visit to your doctor is one of the top priorities in the aftermath of a collision.

During your visit, it is in your best interest to disclose everything about the accident to your doctor, as well as ask your doctor various questions regarding your injury. Not only do these answers keep you informed of the severity of your injuries and the overall recovery process, but they also help you in your personal injury claim.

The following are the most important questions you should be asking your doctor after a car accident:

  • How severe are my injuries? Many people don’t feel the full extent of their injuries due to the adrenaline coursing their body immediately after a car crash until hours, perhaps days later. Complete disclosure is necessary, so your doctor can explain all of your injuries and symptoms. Make sure you get all of that in writing.
  • What are my future health risks? Some severe injuries have lasting effects which may be lingering, permanent debilitations. Ask your doctor if your injuries have long-term consequences, or is there is anything you need to do to prevent permanent damage.
  • When can I return to work? If you work or attend school, ask your doctor if you should take time off to recover. Obtain a doctor’s note which accounts for expected recovery time. If your employer denies your request, make sure you get that denial in writing since it could prove useful in your case.
  • Can I get copies of my medical records? When filing a personal injury claim, it is important to have copies of your medical records. Most doctors will give you copies of any documentation you need; however, a formal request might be necessary for some, so be sure to ask.

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