Tips for Settling a Car Accident Claim

When you are involved in a car accident that is not your fault, you may need to file a personal injury claim in order to recover financial compensation to cover your medical bills, loss of income, as well as non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. The auto insurance company may offer you a settlement; however, the initial offer may be lower than the amount you feel like you deserve.

In order to obtain the most favorable settlement possible after a car accident, here are some helpful tips to help you achieve your goal:

  • Prepare to submit your claim. You must have everything necessary to file your claim, which includes as much documentation as possible. Photos and other evidence recorded at the scene of the collision, list of property damage and expenses for repairs, all medical-related costs, a copy of the police report, and any notes of your pain and medical consultations.
  • Understand how insurance providers view claims. Auto insurance adjusters often offer low settlements on claims because their goal is to save money instead of looking out for your best interests. They may argue that you were at fault (completely or partially), your asking value is not justified, or your documentation is inadequate. Ensure that you addressed all of the issues backed by evidence they cannot deny.
  • Negotiate your settlement without accepting a low offer. Make sure you determine your minimum acceptable settlement without disclosing it to the insurance provider, don’t rush the process, and request explanations to why they are giving you a lower offer than anticipated.
  • Obtain legal representation from a lawyer. Getting a favorable settlement for your personal injury claim may not be easy, which is why have experienced legal counsel on your side can be worth it. An attorney understands the complexities of car accident cases, helping you navigate through the process and protecting your best interests throughout each step.

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