Is It Better to Settle Your Car Accident Case Out of Court?

Navigating a motor vehicle accident claim can be a difficult and trying process, especially if you do not approach the situation with the assistance of a professional car accident lawyer. Depending on the complexity of the case and the value of the damages in question, a car accident claim could take months or longer to close. As more time goes on, the more you might be tempted to try to have it settled quickly. But is this the right decision?

In many situations, yes, actually. Settling a car accident claim out of court, or any personal injury claim for that matter, typically benefits the injured party to a notable degree. The majority of car accident cases never actually move to litigation, and that is a good thing. The court will only have to get involved with a personal injury claim if the defendant is being stubborn and refusing any liability.

As previously hinted, the main benefit of settling a car accident claim is saving time. Medical bills for your hospitalization or rehabilitation are going to wind up in your mailbox, whether you are seeking compensation from a third party or not. The longer the case drags out, the longer you need to pay those bills with whatever you have in your savings accounts. Additionally, settling your claim is like a “guaranteed victory” for you.

When Would Settling Not Work?

Most personal injury attorneys gravitate towards settling a claim because it usually works. But an experienced injury lawyer will know when settling is not right for their clients. If the settlement amount offered is too low, perhaps mockingly so, it should not be taken, not without intense deliberation.

Litigation represents a legal contest between two parties who could not compromise. The stakes are higher because a loss means you will get nothing. However, a victory could mean you will get much more than the settlement amount you will first pursuing. Due to the risk of paying more through litigation, some defendants or insurance companies will suddenly want to talk about a settlement the moment litigation is threatened. This is a precarious area of personal injury law, though, and should be left in the hands of your attorney.

Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP can provide you with a trusted team of New York City motor vehicle accident lawyers after you were hurt in a collision that was not your fault. While a fair settlement is preferred to get you compensation as soon as possible, we have the experience and legal knowledge needed to uphold your rights in case the matter must go to court. Contact our firm today to get more information about your options.

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