Workers' Compensation Rates to Drop in New York, Employers Benefit

In what has been described as an effort to bring more businesses, and thus more jobs, to New York, Governor Cuomo and state-level legislators have recently approved a budget draft that will reduce workers’ compensation rates by 4.5%. This change is expected to save employers in the state an overall amount close to $400,000,000 that would have been paid out in insurance premiums to cover employees who get injured at work.

The New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board reviewed the budget draft to determine if the cuts would actually create the financial difference predicted. It found that some of the cost reductions come from implementing stricter limitations on temporary disability payments. Workers who require temporary disability payments generally collect the benefits for a week or a few weeks after suffering a non-life-changing workplace injury. Although such injuries are not as serious as a permanent disfigurement or lifelong affliction, they are certainly serious to those who suffer them, and cutting these benefit payments could prove to be a major detriment to many workers. Indeed, filings for temporary disability workers’ compensation benefits are usually the most common type of filing.

Governor Cuomo has stayed besides his decision to change the workers’ compensation system in New York, claiming it will be a boon for business overall. Heather Briccetti, the current president and CEO of The Business Council of New York State, has stated that protections for injured employees in New York will not be losing any of their workers’ compensation rights or benefits despite the approved changes. It is not known at this time just how much the average employee and worker will be impacted.

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