Why Do Truck Tires Explode?

Semi-trucks are dependent on their tires to work properly perhaps more than any other vehicles on the road. With as many as 18 wheels rolling along simultaneously, big rigs are also the most prone to a blowout. While they may be able to survive and continue traveling on a blowout better than a vehicle with only four tires, they could also potentially face devastating consequences should one happen. A blowout can cause a semi-truck to lose control, resulting in jackknifing, overturns, and collisions with terrain or other vehicles.

If you were involved in a trucking accident that was caused by a tire blowout, it’s important to know why the blowout may have occurred. Here are the top three reasons why tires can explode, resulting in potential injury.

Poor Maintenance

Commercial trucks register a lot of miles, so the tires they use will also accumulate those miles at a rapid pace. Trucks regularly receive inspections for many things, including tire condition, and they must replace these tires fairly frequently to operate as safely as possible. However, sometimes inspections fail to notice some significant wear on a particular tire or the truck’s operator or owner may choose to forego maintenance on a seemingly “less risky” tire in order to maximize profits. When a tire’s tread goes low or begins to bald, the risk of a blowout increases with each mile driven. Therefore, if a blowout occurs, your attorney will likely request to see the tire and check the maintenance level to see if it was in fact well beyond its service life.

Improper Inflation

The air pressure level in a trucks’ tires are crucial to its operation as well. Truck tires require a lot of air pressure to be able to withstand the immense weight of their payload. This means truck tires are designed to operate within a particular range of air pressure, and straying outside this pressure can be risky. Too much pressure means the tire itself could explode like a balloon at any moment, even more so as it travels over the bumps and cracks along our roads. Too little pressure and the tire may not be able to withstand the pressure of the weight it’s carrying, resulting in an explosion. Truck operators should regularly inspect and adjust tires as necessary to prevent a blowout.

Road Hazards

Sometimes an explosion can’t be helped. Despite best efforts to ensure proper maintenance and inflation, a nail or screw in the road, sharp bump, or even a large rock could put a hole in a tire. While a slow leak is one thing, hitting a tire just right could cause pressure to leak out quickly, causing the tire to quickly deflate or explode from the pressure release. These accidents are unavoidable in many cases, however that doesn’t mean you can’t still collect compensation should you ever be injured by a tire that explodes in these cases; truck operators are still liable for damage they cause, regardless of whether it was due to negligence.

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