4 Types of Premises Liability Claims You Probably Didn't Know About

When most people think of a premises liability lawsuit, a slip and fall injury claim understandably comes to mind. After all, this is easily one of the most common, if not the most common, types of premises liability lawsuits in the country. However, there are many more different accidents and incidents that can trigger a premises liability lawsuit.

Here’s four uncommon but not unheard of premises liability claims:

  1. Dog bites: Most dog bite claims will fall under the umbrella of premises liability since most animal attacks occur on the dog owner’s property. Guests, visitors, and even passersby who are not correctly and clearly warned of a dog’s aggressive tendencies may have grounds to sue for compensation. If medical bills are created in relation to treating a dog bite, New York law places strict liability on the owner, even if the dog had never bitten someone before.
  2. Inadequate security: Property owners have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to protect guests and patrons from harm of all sorts. If there is reason to believe that an establishment will attract the attention of criminals who could harm patrons, security must be provided to deter it. A bank, for example, will usually need to have at least one guard on hand at all times. Large apartment complexes may also need to retain the services of a security patrol if there are poorly lit areas in the complex.
  3. Swimming pool accidents: Families with swimming pools on their property may not realize that any guest harmed in the pool may possibly create a premises liability claim against them. Even when precautions are taken, it can be difficult to defend oneself from such a claim due to the dangerous nature of a pool. The same can be said of trampolines in backyards, which are gaining notoriety for being unreasonably dangerous.
  4. Toxic exposure: The storage of potentially hazardous substances must be handled correctly and in a way that keeps guests and patrons to the property safe at all times. Failing to properly label caustic chemicals or leaving them out in the open can put people at risk of dangerous toxic exposure. Premises liability claims based on toxic exposure tend to be the most expensive of all since a chemical agent can cause lingering or lifelong debilitations.

Legal Help for Premises Liability Claims of All Kinds

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