5 Common Types of Construction Zone Accidents

People who work on construction sites tend to have an understanding that their job involves some dangers not found in most other professions. However, this does not mean that construction and industrial jobs are necessarily more dangerous than most other occupations. So long as safety standards are followed and everyone uses caution, it should be possible to avoid most construction zone accidents. It also helps to be able to anticipate what could go wrong by knowing what industrial accidents tend to happen more than others.

Some of the most common construction zone accidents are:

  • Falls from high places: Any construction zone worker that is required to climb to a place that is higher than usual should be securely fitted with a harness. If they are not, a fall could be disastrous. Collapsing scaffolding and structural failures also contribute to fall injury statistics in construction zones.
  • Falling objects: A worker in a high place must not only be concerned for their own safety, but also the safety of those below them. Carelessly dropping tools or failing to catch site debris can result in a blow to the head or body of other workers with such force that not even a hardhat can protect them.
  • Equipment failures: Heavy equipment and machinery need to be constantly monitored by more than one worker and routinely maintained. If a single part becomes defective, the whole thing could malfunction and harm its user. Untrained workers are also extremely dangerous when using perfectly-functioning machinery.
  • Electrocution: Most construction jobsites require some sort of electrical work to be completed, such as when patching a new office into the city’s electrical grid. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) counts electrical hazards among its “fatal four” things in the construction industry that cause fatalities.
  • Toxic exposure: Dangerous substances and chemicals are present on nearly any jobsite, from caustic solvents to industrial cleaners to harmful asbestos insulation. Workers must be provided with adequate safety equipment whenever handling or near toxic materials.

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