Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month: 8 Safety Tips

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to be killed in an accident than drivers and passengers in cars. If you ride a motorcycle regularly, it is vital that you are cautious and do all you can to prevent accidents. Following these tips can help to reduce your chances of injuries and accidents.

  1. Maintain your bike: Traveling at 65 mph down the highway is not the right time to discover that your brakes are faulty. Before you ride, conduct a quick check to make sure everything is working properly. Even a small problem can unexpectedly become life threating while on the road.
  2. Wear a helmet: All safety gear is important for your protection and the right helmet can save your life in a crash. According to the NHTSA, wearing a proper helmet can increase a rider’s chance of surviving a crash by 29 percent. Make sure that the helmet you buy is a good fit and, if available, choose a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet.
  3. Make yourself visible: In many accidents where a motorcyclist is struck by a car, the driver reports simply not seeing them. Investing in reflective tape and wearing brightly colored gear can help other drivers on the road spot you more easily.
  4. Avoid hazardous weather: A wet road can dramatically decrease the traction of your tires, increasing the danger of an otherwise routine drive. If you think a storm may be incoming, do a quick check of the weather report before heading out on your bike.
  5. Do not drive while tired: Tired driving is among the leading causes of accidents. If you find yourself nodding off, pull over at a rest stop or motel. Wait until you are fully rested before getting back on your way.
  6. Do not drink and drive: While this may seem like common sense, driving under the influence remains an issue among motorcyclists. According to the NHTSA, in 2013, nearly one-third of all fatal motorcycle accidents involved drinking and driving.
  7. Take a motorcycle safety course: Whether you are new to riding or coming back from a break, a safety class will give you a chance to improve your riding skills in a controlled environment. Even seasoned riders can benefit from a refresher course. As an added benefit, you may even qualify for lower insurance rates.
  8. Stay focused: Always pay attention to the road. Be aware of potential blind spots and never assume that other drivers can see you. Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents and by driving defensively, you can drastically reduce the chance of an accident.

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