Work Accidents Caused by Harsh Weather Conditions

WeatherAt the beginning of the year, New York City can fall victim to all manner of harsh weather conditions delivered by Mother Nature. Rain can flood the gutters and walkways, and thick piles of snow can frost up the streets. When everything is said and done, the inclement weather means one thing: more accidents, including those that happen at the workplace.

One question comes up every year: is an employer responsible for accidents on the job that occur directly due to bad weather? Imagine that an employee is coming in for a shift at a retail location and slips on the tile right at the entranceway. Who is at fault here? Can the manager or supervisor really be to blame for extra water coming in off the sidewalk, or should the employee have known that plenty of rain means increased slip and fall hazards?

Employer Responsibilities Are Year-Round

No matter what sort of torrential storm is raging outside, an employer’s responsibility to provide a safe environment for both employees and customers never fades. In harsh weather conditions, it might mean putting up wet floor signs at entrance ways, assigning employees to the task of sweeping away water, snow, and debris, and other precautions that are not usual in other seasons. Safety must always come first, and it begins with how management conducts itself and trains their employees.

If you have been hurt on the job due to environmental hazards, it could be possible that your employer had the responsibility to keep you safe but failed to do so through negligence or generally poor safety practices. To get to the bottom of things and determine if you should be receiving workers’ compensation benefits for your accident, you should contact our New York City personal injury attorneys from Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP. We have secured more than half a billion dollars for our clients throughout the years and are always available during emergency situations.

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