Who is Liable for a Scaffolding Accident?

ScaffoldingIt seems that everywhere you turn in New York City, you are going to find a scaffolding somewhere in sight. These makeshift structures are staples to construction sites, industrial jobs, and even window cleaning services, allowing workers to reach high places more easily. Scaffolds quickly become disadvantageous and dangerous to employees, though, when they are not constructed properly or routinely inspected, leading to a workplace accident.

A scaffold can fail at a few critical points. Metal joints that hold the supporting pipework together may snap unexpectedly, collapsing the structure; wooden planks used as walking platforms can crack under the weight of the average worker; and strong gusts of wind can rock the entire scaffolding, possibly bucking someone off and causing a fall from a tremendous height. Who is to blame when such a dangerous situation unfolds: the employee or the employer?

New York State Laws Control Scaffolding Projects

In New York State, legislators seem to understand just how dangerous an improperly constructed scaffolding unit really can be, as there are numerous laws and regulations in place mandating how they are created and maintained. Certain laws determine who is permitted to build a scaffold, and others demand that a scaffold is built to hold 4 to 6 times its intended maximum weight. Oftentimes if a scaffolding accident happens, it is due to someone not following regulations or a lack of safety standards from management. The fault rarely falls upon the person who has been injured.

Could a lack of safety measures be tied to your scaffolding accident injury? Did the jobsite owner or construction supervisor fail to ensure that a scaffold was safe to use? You might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, but you also might have to fight for them.

Insurance providers and company controllers are never quick to accept liability for employee accidents. To get the coverage and support you deserve, you may need to show them that you mean business by teaming up with our New York City construction accident attorneys. At Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP, we have become well-known throughout the Big Apple and indeed all of New York for being serious, hard-hitting, and tenacious defenders of the wrongfully injured, especially in employee injury cases. So far, 150 of our successful verdicts and settlements have awarded our clients with $1 million dollars or more for each case, and when all of our cases are summed up, we have won more than $500 million. We do not bend knee when our clients need us to rise to the challenge – it is as simple as that.

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