Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle AccidentMotorcycle accidents are exponentially more dangerous for the motorcycle rider than for other vehicles involved. Even a collision involving only the motorcycle and the environment can cause severe injuries to the rider. In order to keep the road safer, either for yourself as a motorcyclist or for riders near your vehicle, it may help to understand some of the top causes of motorcycle accidents in New York City and around the country.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents, determined from collective federal data and records, include:

  • Left-hand turns: Motorists making a left through an intersection can frequently forget to check for oncoming automobiles; checking for an oncoming motorcycle with its smaller size is even rarer.
  • Lane splitting: When a motorcycle rides between cars, despite there being no official lane to do so, this is called lane splitting and is incredibly dangerous. The slightest maneuver from one of the adjacent cars can knock the motorcycle into other lanes or oncoming traffic. If traffic is stopped, a driver might pop open their door for fresh air, causing the motorcyclist to crash right into it.
  • Poorly-maintained roads: When a car hits a crack in the asphalt or some loose gravel, the driver can feel some of their control over the vehicle slip away for a second. For a motorcyclist, the same hazard may make them spill out entirely since two wheels offer far less stability and traction.
  • Speeding: Owners of racing or “street” cycles are notorious for using them to speed down alleys or around turns. Just as in any vehicle, speeding is never a good idea and puts everyone at risk, whether they be the rider or the people nearby. Do not forget to slow your speed during inclement weather conditions.

Experienced Advocacy for Injures Motorcyclists in New York City

Hopefully, this knowledge will allow you to avoid a collision in the future. If you are still hurt in a motorcycle accident despite your best efforts, and you believe someone else might be to blame, a personal injury lawsuit might be possible to help you win a fair recovery from the negligent party.

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