5 Tips for an Injury-Free Holiday Season

Christmas ornamentAs the holidays approach, you may be excited about the number of parties or festivities you are invited to. Whether you are headed to a work function or a party with your friends, it is always important to stay safe and aware of your surroundings. Holiday parties can be fun, but there are also a variety of ways you can get hurt if you are not careful. Even buying gifts for your children can begin with a wonderful idea to add to your child's quality of life and end in injury. We want for you to have a fun, enjoyable holiday season with no injuries!

If you are going to be working during the holiday season, there are endless ways for you to become injured. With everyone bustling around buying gifts and getting into the holiday spirit, it is equally important that you take heed of this valuable advice.

A few important tips to consider during the holiday season include:

  • Make sure the gifts you buy for your children are within their age range and safe for kids. If you buy a scooter or bike, grab a helmet too. Or if you believe a toy could be hazardous and possibly marketed incorrectly for kids, perhaps you can get your child something else.
  • If you go out to any type of party or event with your children, be sure that you or another responsible adult is watching them at all times. Five minutes is plenty of time for a kid to wander off and get hurt.
  • If you are planning on drinking during any holiday, do not drink and drive. Instead, ask a friend to be your designated driver or schedule a cab or service to pick you up after your event is over.
  • If you are driving, be especially alert. The holidays brings out some of the worst driving habits, including others who are drinking and driving. Do not use your cell phone or other distractions while driving.
  • Be mindful of others when you are at a party or out in public. You could help prevent someone else from being injured just by staying aware and being alert.

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