Ways to Keep Your Teenage Driver Safe

Distracted teen driverYour teenager has just gotten his or her driver’s license and will soon be cruising around town, enjoying their newfound independence. Not only is this an important milestone in your child’s life, but this is also sure to be a massive source of worry for you as a parent regarding their safety. According to research by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, this worry is for good reason – nearly one in four teen drivers will be involved in a crash within their first six months of driving. Addressing this issue can be a complicated matter, especially given the way that technology has become such an integral part of modern life. As the temptation to text while driving is at an all-time high, it is important that parents implement certain boundaries for their teenage drivers to keep them focused on the roads and instill safe driving habits.

The following tips can help reduce your teen’s risk of being involved in a collision:

  1. Put the phone away: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately ten percent of fatal crashes involving drivers age 15 to 19 years old are caused by distracted driving. It is imperative that you implement a no smartphone rule whenever your child is driving. No text message is too important that it cannot wait until they have reached their destination. One way to make sure your child does not use their phone while driving is by teaching them to drive a manual transmission vehicle that requires the use of both hands.
  2. Turn the music down: Loud music while driving can be equally distracting and make it difficult for your child to hear emergency sirens. Keep the volume to a minimum.
  3. No passengers: Adding one nonfamily passenger to a teenager’s car increases their risk of a crash by 44 percent and can multiply with each additional passenger added. This is especially true when boys ride with other boys. It is recommended you do not allow your child to drive with other teenage passengers for at least a year after receiving their license.
  4. No alcohol: It goes without saying that you should not let your child drive with any level of alcohol in their system. Driving while drunk is not only extremely dangerous, but it can also cause them to find themselves in serious legal trouble.
  5. Choose vehicles with advanced safety features: If you are shopping for your child’s first car and you have a flexible budget, it is highly recommended you choose a vehicle with safety features such as automated brakes, collision warning systems and backup cameras. While these bells and whistles may expensive, they can do wonders to help reduce your child’s chances of a collision and ease your worries.

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