Tips to Help Drivers Avoid a Truck Accident

We have all seen the massive devastation that a truck accident can create. As these vehicles can carry as much as 40 tons worth of cargo, the weight of an 18-wheeler can do incredible damage in the event of a collision with a smaller vehicle. For this reason, it is imperative that drivers exercise extreme caution when driving next to trucks on the highway. Because we care about your safety, our firm has compiled a short list of tips for drivers to take to reduce their chances of being involved in a truck accident.

1. Do Not Stay in Their Blind Spot

Trucks have enormous blind spots on both sides, making it easy for a truck driver to turn into you without ever knowing you were there. If you are driving next to a truck, make sure to either speed up to pass or slow down to let them stay in front of you. Driving in an 18-wheeler’s blind spot is a recipe for disaster, especially since these trucks may need to make sudden lane changes to stay on course or stop at scales.

2. Pass on the Left Side Only

Tying into the topic of blind spots is the importance of never passing on the right side of a truck. Since the driver sits on the left side of the cab, it is much easier to see motorists attempting to pass on this side than the right. New York law designates the left lane as a passing lane anyway. Obeying this is not only legally compliant, but it is also courteous to truck drivers.

3. Do Not Cut Off a Big Rig

One of the worst things that a driver can do is to suddenly cut in front of a truck on the highway. The time it takes for an 18-wheeler to slow down and stop can take much longer than the average automobile, essentially making a “panic stop” impossible. If you dart in front of a truck in order to make your exit, but have to suddenly slow down, the chances of being rear-ended skyrocket.

4. Do Not Follow Too Closely

Tailgating a truck is also extremely dangerous. If you are following so closely that you cannot see their side view mirrors, the driver cannot see you either. This rule is especially relevant at high speeds, as one quick tap of the brake by the truck driver can cause you to rear-end their vehicle.

Experienced Legal Help for New York City Truck Accident Victims

While these tips can help improve your situational awareness and reduce your chances of a collision, we all know that life can be unpredictable. If you have been injured in a truck accident, a New York City personal injury lawyer from Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP can represent your interests in court and help you pursue monetary compensation for your injuries. Our legal expertise has contributed to the recovery of more than $500 million in settlements for our clients, and we are eager to use our extensive legal knowledge to help you maximize your chances of success.

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