Tips to Stay Safe Around a Construction Zone

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and construction sites are no exemption to this rule, despite them being considerably more dangerous than the average location. But that is the point of this blog entry: construction zones do not have to be a major hazard to those in and around them, as long as proper safety protocols are followed and no one behaves negligently.

Always remember and follow these four safety tips when you are near, in, or working on a construction site:

  1. Wear safety equipment: Nomatter how quick your visit might be to a construction zone, always wear provided safety equipment. From hard hats and goggles to gloves and work boots, you should never be without a recommended piece of safety gear.
  2. Be visible: Your clothing should be brightly colored while on a construction site so others can spot you quickly. Do not linger in the blind spots of equipment operators, who can shift the direction of their machine quicker than you might think. Also make sure someone knows where you intend to be at all times; do not go off alone without notifying another worker or supervisor.
  3. Stick to the plan: If you are a worker in a construction zone, your supervisor or the foreman should have a well-scheduled jobsite safety plan. This plan should outline where barriers will be, how nearby pedestrian and automobile traffic will be diverted, and more. Learn it and follow it as closely as possible.
  4. Follow traffic rules: When you are driving past a construction zone, you need to be especially careful. Obey posted speed limits – it drops to 55 miles per hour on the freeway in cases where there is no posted speed limit – and adhere to any directions given to you by “flaggers.” These members of the construction crew are there to control traffic and protect other workers; the instructions they give override any other traffic signals in the area.

Construction Accident Lawyers Serving All NYC

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