State Senate Unanimously Passes Work Safety Act

JusticeLast year, the state senate voted unanimously to pass the Work Safety Act. Sponsored by state Senator Diane Savino, this bill is designed to increase protections for construction workers on New York roads and prevent construction accidents. Those who injure or kill these workers will be held accountable with harsher penalties.

Those working to make the roads safer deserve equal measures of protection while on the job. Savino’s mission is similar to the legislature and punishments that are currently in place for those who injure or kill police officers.

Numerous state senators referred to the bill as an important piece of legislature. One senator noted that speeding and reckless driving is a serious problem in New York and it must be addressed, particularly when it comes to individuals who engage in such behavior in construction zones.

Work Safety Act Aligns with Vision Zero

A big push by New York City’s mayor has been Vision Zero, a plan which is focused on minimizing fatalities as a whole on city streets. The Work Safety Act is complementary to Vision Zero as was seen in April 2014. New York City participated in National Work Zone Awareness Week. During this week, cameras were placed at nine construction sites throughout the city to document reckless driving. This particular effort with the cameras has been called the Zone Watch program.

The cameras will hopefully reduce injuries sustained by construction workers. City officials continue to stress the need for safer working environments for all construction workers. While plans are continually evolving to make this a permanent reality, drivers must do their part to obey traffic laws. The Work Safety Act will go a long way toward making this the norm, not just the exception in New York.

We at Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP are pleased with the state’s efforts to make the roads a safer place for construction workers. Having represented injured construction workers for over 100 years collectively, we are dedicated advocates for the rights of these individuals.

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