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$1,900,000 Recovered in Mediated Settlement

Settlement In a recent case involving a construction worker struck by a fallen object on site, our construction accident attorneys were able to negotiate a substantial settlement to cover the damages suffered as a result of the accident in a mediated settlement.

In November of 2010, our client had reported to work on a renovation site in Manhattan. During the course of the workday, a 75-pound floor-support jack fell from its upright position and struck the client. He immediately went unconscious and was rushed to a nearby hospital. While he was discharged at the time, he required surgery four years later for fusion of several spinal levels, implantation of support screws, and grafting of bone matter.

Our firm helped the client bring forth an injury claim against the employers for the damages of career-ending injuries. Our attorneys argued that the position of the support jack was in violation of Labor Law 240(1) as a hazardous work condition. While the defense attempted to argue that the law did not apply to the particular situation, they did come to the point of negotiating a settlement of $1,900,000 in mediation.

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