$1.34 Million Recovered in Head Injury Verdict

Attorney William J. Ryan of Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP recently represented a man injured by a motor vehicle accident, securing a verdict to cover the plaintiff's damages. The case claimed that the plaintiff, our attorney, sustained multiple serious head injuries after his vehicle was struck by the truck of the defendant, who had crossed the highway median driving in the opposite direction.

The plaintiff suffered two subdural hematomas and a transtentorial herniation of his brain. His injuries from the accident required two serious brain surgeries two months after the incident. Residual effects of his injuries have had a permanent impact on his life and career, as he was forced to cut back on his responsibilities at work. He also requires periodic counseling and therapy—all of which have cost him both emotionally and financially.

After seven days of trial, Attorney Ryan was able to convince the court of his client's grounds to claim damages for his losses and expenses. The six panel jury voted unanimously to award the plaintiff $1,344,839.1 and concluded the case. The case was tried in Ulster County, New York at the Ulster Supreme Court.