Who is Liable Under New York Labor Law 240 & 241?

According to the New York City Buildings Department, approximately 250 construction workers are injured annually while on the job, and another 5 to 20 are involved in fatal accidents. It is for this reason that lawmakers in the state have enacted a number of labor laws to protect workers who construct, demolish, excavate, renovate and/or repair buildings. These laws not only aim to reduce the number of serious construction accidents, but intend to provide injured workers with the level of compensation that they deserve.

What is New York Labor Law Section 240?

New York Labor Law Section 240, which is also known as the "Scaffolding Law," was designed to protect workers from falls and/or injuries from falling objects. Instead of making it the workers' responsibility to maintain a safe environment, this law states that construction companies, property owners, and contractors will be liable for keeping their employees reasonably safe—which starts by adhering to all applicable safety regulations.

What is New York Labor Law Section 241?

New York Labor Law Section 241, while similar to Section 240, focuses on the safety of a construction site at ground-level. Also known as the "Safe Place to Work Law," this section outlines specific regulations about how the areas of a construction site should be arranged, operated, and conducted. In doing so, it aims to prevent serious threats to workers and injuries, such as:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Chemical hazards
  • Air contamination

Should a supervisory authority negligently or intentionally fail to abide by these regulations, they could be held accountable. These labor laws do not defer to negligence, but rather impose absolute liability on the construction companies, property owners, and/or contractors who are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. This means that it would not matter whether or not the injured worker had also acted negligently, unless their actions were the sole cause of their injury

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