$1,250,000 Settlement Reached for 81-Year-Old Hit by Bus

Car Accidents

Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP partner Bill Ryan resolved the case of 81-year-old Chung Tsoi in a speedy 15 months from the date of the accident to settlement. The case settled on the eve of jury selection in New York County Supreme Court. Mr Tsoi was struck in the crosswalk by a bus making a left-hand turn at an intersection in the Chinatown section of Manhattan. The insurance carrier did not make any substantial offers of settlement until the case was about to go to trial. In New York State, anyone 70 or older is entitled to a special trial preference in their case which enables them to get their day in court sooner rather than later.

For a person in their golden years, if they don't get speedy justice, they may wind up with no justice during their lifetime. In this case, the stellar work of Bill and our staff in the vigorous investigation and prosecution of this matter resulted in the defendants being locked into ironclad liability and demonstrable continuing damages for which they ultimately had to offer a substantial settlement acceptable to our client or face justice at the hands of a jury.

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