In any instance when you are injured at work, you have a right by law to workers' compensation. This applies even if it was your own actions that caused the injury. In certain situations, you are able to file a civil suit, which typically reaps much higher compensation if successful. You may pursue this avenue if:

  • Your employer is uninsured
  • Your employer intentionally harmed you
  • A co-worker intentionally harmed you
  • Your employer illegally interfered with your workers' compensation claim
  • Your injury is covered by New York Labor Law 240 or 241
  • Your injury was caused by a third party, i.e. one not related to your employment

Construction Accident Attorney in New York City

If you have suffered a serious injury from a construction accident, it is always a good idea to consult with a New York City personal injury lawyer regarding your right to sue. An experienced lawyer is able to consider the specifics of your situation and identify possible sources of compensation. It can be well worth your while to take advantage of the option to sue when it exists as you may be able to obtain a more secure future by this route.

Whatever action your situation allows, Lurie, Ilchert, MacDonnell & Ryan LLP can help you to pursue the maximum available compensation. We are energetic in our approach at all stages of the case and can assist you with workers' compensation issues, civil suit negotiations and at trial when needed. We are available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our firm has native-born translators on its staff so that you may speak with us in Spanish, Chinese, Slovak, Czech or Polish.

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