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Effects of Distracted Driving & Snapchat in New York City, NY

There have always been a multitude of reasons why drivers get into car accidents. From minor causes like changing the radio or checking the mirror to defects in the road, drivers need to make a conscious effort to drive safely. Years ago, distracted driving was slightly less of an issue because people did not have to worry about other drivers texting or using apps on their smartphones. Apps have quickly become one of the biggest distractions for drivers, leading to serious accidents on the road.

One of the apps we have noticed that is responsible for many accidents is Snapchat, an app where you can send disappearing photos to your friends. This app has a variety of features which are very fun when they are used safely, such as a filter which shows how fast you are driving. Unfortunately, a feature which is fun when you are walking around or even running down the street becomes dangerous when it is perceived as an encouragement to drive faster.

There have been many news articles about accidents caused specifically by Snapchat, including one driver who ended up being in an accident and suing the app. Even celebrities have been guilty of using Snapchat while they drive.

One major question that comes up when clients come to us after an accident is whether the app manufacturer holds any responsibility in an accident. While it may seem silly, this is a valid question. If you are involved in a drunk driving accident, an investigation will be done into whether the drunk driver was overserved and the bar or venue may be held accountable. In the same manner, it is important that all details of an accident are considered in other distracted driving cases. In some cases, the driver and the liability of the app manufacturer may be considered.

If you have been involved in an accident you think was caused by distracted driving, reach out to us today at {F:P:Site:Phone}. We would like to offer you a free consultation with a skilled New York City, NY personal injury lawyer.